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School Window Tinting

Since 1992, Austint has done more Commercial Window Tinting in Melbourne than anyone in the Western region of Victoria, including working with many major local Schools and Universities. We work with businesses around Melbourne and Ballarat. Find out how we can help improve your School's property now and in the future.

Protect Your School

Did you know by simply applying a Commercial Grade Window Tint you can protect your School's property from everyday potential damages. There are many benefits from window tinting:


1. Reduce & Lock in Heat

Commercial Window Tinting reduces energy costs, helping to reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Window Tint can help you to reduce excessive heat by up to 70 % in Summer, whilst locking in heat during the Winter. Meaning more comfort and easy learning for students and teachers.


2. Safety & Security

Our Commercial Grade Window Tint films are made up of 'multi-layers of mylar substrate' and 'powerful adhesives' that when fitted correctly will create a solid glazing system. This will bring the existing older glass up to current human impact standards and protect against flying shards of glass in the event of a natural or man-made disaster, giving the school peace of mind.


3. Cost-Effective Savings

Austint can provide an Anti-Graffiti Window Tinting Film that will save you the time and expense of replacing your glass when graffiti on signage, paint, glass and other smooth surfaces of School property. It is the most convenient and cost-effective window tinting service, providing a barrier against scratches, spray paint, painting and acid etching, as well as natural and accidental wear and tear.


4. Reduce Glare

Window Tint can help you to reduce glare through your windows by up to 86%. Reduce glare for readability of electronic whiteboards, helping students and teachers. 

Recent Schools

We have worked with a number of schools and Universities, upgrading their windows with our Commercial Tint Film.

A major recent project was the Federation University Technology Park, Ballarat, Victoria. They are the largest commercial office space operator in Regional Victoria with energy costs being a big impact on the business. Hear from Jeff Pulford, Executive Director, about the projects and the benefits for the University going forward. 



Other recent projects to be completed involved:

  • Loretto College, Ballarat
  • Mt Clear College, Mt Clear
  • Urquhart Park Primary School, Ballarat

"We were extremely happy with the job Simon and the team provided us. Upgrading our windows to protect the school from any potential damages that may cost us more in the future. It also puts a nice touch on the outside look and feels for parent's inspecting"

- Urquhart Park, Primary School


Get in touch with Simon and the team to improve your school for the future and protect from potential damages.