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Car Window Tinting

Austint have been specialising in car window tinting for over ten years.

What are the benefits of car window tinting?

Window Tinting provides far more benefits than just an improved appearance. Bought a new car? Don’t let your dealer take you for a ride on the cost of a new car window tint. Have an older car? Keep your car cooler in summer and reduce your reliance on the air conditioner.


Car Window Tinting improves the look of your car

A Car Window Tint can improve the look of your car whether it is from a darkest legal tint or a lighter tint.

It ads value to your car

A nice tint can add value to your car when it comes time to sell.

Keeps your car much cooler in summer

Car Window Tinting reduces the heat inside the car. On those long, hot summer days, Car Window Tint will save you from burning legs on those hot summer days!

Car Window Tinting reduces glare and fatigue

Eye fatigue is a major contributor to traffic accidents. Car Window tinting minimises sun and headlight glare. Enjoy a more comfortable drive with car window tint.

Call us now for Car Window Tinting in Ballarat

Call our Ballarat window tinting office on 1300 662 316 to enquire about booking your car tint or request a quote below.