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Commercial Window Tinting

Since 1992, Austint have done more commercial window tinting in Melbourne than anyone in the Western region of Victoria. We work with businesses around Melbourne and Ballarat. Give us a call on 1300 662 316 to book your commercial window tint.

Save Energy

Commercial Window Tinting reduces your energy bills.


"Reduced our energy bills on heating and cooling by about 25% each year"


Standard office windows contribute to high levels of heat gain in summer and heat loss during winter. All this means extra energy loads on your HVAC systems and significant costs year round.

Austint can supply and install the right commercial window tinting film for your individual requirements.




Increase your comfort levels

Hundreds of our commercial window tinting clients in Ballarat have reduced excessive heat by up to 70%

and glare by up to 86%.  Commercial window tint creates a more comfortable and productive work environment.


Commercial Window Tinting protects from the sun

Harmful UV Rays can quickly ruin expensive furnishings, interiors and artwork. Things that would cost a fortune to replace can be protected with Austint’s window films. Our office window tint range will reduce dangerous UV, heat and light, prolonging the life of your investments.



Safe and Secure

Austint Safety and Security Film is a simple and effective way of protecting your property from break-ins, intruders, theft and vandalism.

Our commercial window tint range will bring the existing older glass up to current human impact standards and protect against flying shards of glass in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.