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Residential Window Tinting

Austint are your home window tinting specialists with 20 years of experience.

What are the benefits of Residential Window Tinting?

Save Energy

Residential Window Tinting reduces energy costs, helping to reduce heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.

Increased Comfort

Residential Window Tint can help you to reduce glare through your windows by up to 86% and excessive heat by up to 70 %. That means more comfort for your family all year long.

Residential Window Tinting protects your home from the sun

Harmful UV Rays can quickly ruin expensive furnishings, interiors and artwork. Things that would cost a fortune to replace can be protected with Austint’s window films. Our residential window tint range will reduce dangerous UV, heat and light, prolonging the life of your investments.

Thinking of Residential Window Tinting in Ballarat?

Austint are the only residential window tinters to call

Austint window tint films won’t fade, discolour, bubble or delaminate and carry a lifetime warranty.

Our consultants can demonstrate our full range of films and design the best tinting solution to suit you and your homes unique requirements. We pride ourselves on superior knowledge, service, workmanship, promptness and courteousness.